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Seeking Homer: THE STUFF

Habitual Line Stepper - Tommy Connors Solo

Not So Far Away

Recorded in at Dizzyland Studios in Rochester, NH produced by Andy Happel (Thanks to Gravity / Don Campbell Band / Dreadnaught).

Not So Far Away @ CD
CD Baby

The Boston Bootlegger - DVD/CD

The only Seeking Homer DVD/CD available. Catch the band at "home" in Boston, MA performing for a sold out Harpers Ferry crowd. Video Produced by Andrew Kelly. Audio produced by Chris Kelly and James Dunlop.
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Available for a limited time at and at Seeking Homer shows.


Recorded at the famous Avatar Studios in NYC with producer Jon Wolfson (Stevie Winwood / Lonestar / Joan Osborne).

Paradise on CD

Live at The Wetlands - NYC

The legendary and most sought after Homer gem - recorded live at The Wetlands Preserve in New York City. After a 3 month tour of the Southeastern US, the band came home to this very warm welcome. (The discs are actually in sync with The Wizard of Oz).

Live at The Wetlands NYC from CD

A Good Hard Smack - MP3 ONLY

Recorded at Cat's Paw Studios in Long Island. The album has been discontinued but you can download the whole album, track by track.

MP3's Available at CD Baby.

Download Song by Song at SNOCAP - Only $0.99 each

Seeking Homer on iTunes

Seeking Homer